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NEWS : Latest news!!Recommended browsers: FireFox4.0, Google Chrome, Opera ver. 10.0 and beyond. FKK has a new site!!You can now explore on the site pageManufacturing program full range of our products without downloading the pdf catalog.To every chain type we made links,so you can browse the specifications of them.


FKK - FILIP KLJAJIĆ INDUSTRY is a private company, an owner of the largest chain factory in Europe
Filip Kljajić Kragujevac. Founded on June 1st 1954,as a small workshop, with a few dozens of emplyees,Filip Kljajić Kragujevac significantly enlagerg it's own capacities and number of employees. During it's own development, Filip Kljajić Kragujevac has spread the offer of its own products gradually and has found the markets into 29 countries all around the world.

  • Today,private company FKK - FILIP KLJAJIĆ INDUSTRY is offering: 
    • standard chains:
      • roller,
      • brush,
      • gail,
      • rotary, etc.
  • according to DIN and ANSI standards:
    • special chains:
      • for sugar refineries,
      • for water barriers,
      • oil companies,
      • power plants,
      • breweries,
      • food industry,
      • forges etc..
    • chains according the customers request,drowing and samples.

In the structure of emploies in FKK - FILIP KLJAJIC INDUSTRY, are a wide skope of ocupations, from most experienced hand operatives to well educated engineers.The company is going to continue the tradition to have an excellent cooperation with scientific institutions and universities, whose experiences were precious for the metal industry. Installed equipment capacity of FFK - FILIP KLJAJIC INDUSTRY enable the company to producce of 11000 tones of industrial chains.Due to the investments done after the privatization of the company in 2008, FFK - FILIP KLJAJIĆ INDUSTRY features a modern equipment and well-qualified specialists. As a result of the rapid changes and progress of the Company, the number of clients and new products is growing constantly.